Grażyna Bacewicz

Human being

Human being

“I always show a cheerful expression to people” – this passage from Grażyna Bacewicz’s letter to her brother Vytautas (30 August 1947) became a signature of sorts for the composer’s personality. Used in the title of a biographical film ( “expression” having been replaced with “face” with Wanda Bacewicz’s permission) seems to confirm this trait […]

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Concerto for Large Symphony Orchestra

In his analysis of the last stage of Grażyna Bacewicz’s oeuvre, Tadeusz A. Zieliński [Tadeusz A. Zieliński, Spotkania z muzyką współczesną, Kraków 1974], appreciating the novelty of the ephemeral Pensieri notturni of 1961, concluded: Bacewicz’s element is still something else, however: large, solid, ‘Bartókian’ forms, aggressive dynamism in the development of musical action, virtuosity and […]

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String Quartet no. 7

String Quartet No. 7 was written in 1965, a year marked by many achievements in the composer’s life: she wrote, among others, Violin Concerto No. 7, Piano Quintet No. 2, Musica sinfonica in tre movimenti and Divertimento for string orchestra. Grażyna Bacewicz’s seventh and last quartet is one of the finest examples of the use […]