Grażyna Bacewicz


Human being

“I always show a cheerful expression to people” – this passage from Grażyna Bacewicz’s letter to her brother Vytautas (30 August 1947) became a signature of sorts for the composer’s personality. Used in the title of a biographical film ( “expression” having been replaced with “face” with Wanda Bacewicz’s permission) seems to confirm this trait […]


In 1957, after the death of Artur Malawski Grażyna Bacewicz was asked to teach composition at the Kraków State School of Music. She rejected the offer. A similar request came to her again from Kraków in 1963, when Stanisław Wiechowicz passed away. This request, too, was rejected. She explained her decision in an interview which […]


You’ve asked what literature gives me. Well, I’ll tell you something funny. I dared to write a novel. During the [Warsaw] Uprising. When Kisiel was writing his Sprzysiężenie (Conspiracy), I was writing too. Somehow we confessed this to each other. He gave me his novel to read and I gave him mine. Can you imagine, not […]


Giving an interview for the Polish Radio’s International Service in 1954, Grażyna Bacewicz admitted she had composed her first pieces when she was a thirteen-year-old girl: At that time I attended harmony and counterpoint classes at the Conservatory; composition wasn’t obligatory for me, if I may say so. Thus any attempts were spontaneous and voluntary. […]


Dear Vitek, I’m writing, because I have something to ask and I apologise for the trouble. Imagine that there are still no decent strings in Europe. I’m sending you the same dollars you once sent me and I beg you – buy me Thomastik G and D strings. These are not very expensive strings and […]